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Are You Prepared to Survive the Coming Disasters?


I was a Boy Scout growing up, and I'll never forget our  MOTTO:


When I think of all of the natural disasters and other disasters that have struck America in the last 10 years, I can't help wonder how many people's lives could have been saved - IF they had been prepared before disaster struck.

As a nation, the American people over the past 10 years have experienced terrorist attacks, hurricanes, floods, fires, tornados, earthquakes, civil unrest, martial law, and war. How many people have died in these disasters that could have been saved - IF they had been prepared?

The purpose of this blog site is to HELP PEOPLE GET PREPARED TO SURVIVE THE COMING DISASTERS that are only going to intensify over the next several years.

I WANT TO HELP YOU BE PREPARED TO SURVIVE what's coming next, and for you to be able to help others during the coming emergencies. The year 2012 is just around the corner, and coming with it will be many super-disasters that will shake the world and cause utter devastation. The super 3-fold disaster in Sendai, Japan, earlier this year, combined a super earthquake with devastating super tsunamis and a super nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi power plant. What happened in Japan was a warning and wake up call to the rest of the world and especially to America. Now is the time for Americans to prepare for similar super-disasters and worse that are sure to come to our nation in 2012.

Now, let me ask you a few key questions:

1. Do you have enough food stored away for you and your family for 6 months? What will you eat when the whole commercial transportation system is shut down for 3-6 months and the shelves in the grocery stores empty within 24 hours of the disaster?

2. Do you have long shelf-life dehydrated fruits and vegetables stored away as well? Have you stored up sufficient amounts of grains, rice, beans, sugar, salt, cooking oil, peanut butter, canned meats, and necessary toiletries?

3. Do you have enough natural spring water stored away for 6-12 weeks in safe containers and do you have a high-quality water purifying system that doesn't use electricity?

4. Do you have a way to heat water and to cook food that doesn't use electricity? Do you have a back up heat source in your house in case the electrical grid is shut down and gas and heating oil are not available for months?

5. Do you have a survival kit that includes things like first aid kit, flashlight, batteries, extra warm clothes, sleeping bags and blankets, toilet paper, towels, toothpaste and toothbrushes, soap, bug spray, hats, compass, radio, flares, matches, cups & plates & utensils, and anything else you would need to live outdoors with your family for 6-12 weeks?

These are just a few of the questions that I hope will get you thinking about how prepared you are for the coming emergencies and disasters. If you don't have these basic things stored away in your garage or basement, then you're really not prepared for what's coming.

Remember: the secret to surviving disasters is BEING PREPARED - beforehand, meaning NOW! Not next week, not next month, not next year, not when you have time, not when you think something bad is going to happen - but NOW.

Keep checking back with my postings as I will be providing you with more useful information and resources to help you get prepared now for the inevitable disasters on the horizon. You do not need to live in fear and anxiety - IF you're prepared to survive and overcome through whatever disasters strike next. BE PREPARED!

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Is Colloidal Silver Really the "Silver Bullet" Against Potentially Deadly Viral Infections?

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This article is published by Life & Health Research Group, LLC,

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While there is no argument that colloidal silver is the world’s most powerful natural antibacterial and antifungal agent, the ability of colloidal silver to protect against viral pathogens has not been fully established by the medical community until recently.

Thankfully, surprising new medical research reveals that silver may well be your #1 defense against viruses as well. Here’s what the medical evidence demonstrates…

The recent outbreak of the strange new so-called “Swine Flu” hybrid virus – also called H1N1 – has just about everybody in the natural health community asking the same two questions, i.e., What’s the single-most powerful all-natural anti-viral substance in existence, and where can I get some?

And they’re asking these two important questions with very good reason. After all, flu vaccines have proven themselves to be worthless against mutant viruses. And as has now been widely reported, the popular prescription flu drug Tamiflu is also worthless against most viruses, and in fact has never been shown to be effective against the so-called “Swine Flu” virus.

What’s more, Tamiflu has been known to cause startling mental disturbances in patients taking it, including psychotic episodes leading to death, particularly in young children and teens. The nation of Japan has even banned Tamiflu use by children and teens after 18 deaths were reported. And in some countries warnings of Tamiflu’s brain-altering effects must be posted by law on packages of the flu drug.

Safe, Natural, Highly Anti-Viral

Fortunately, safe, natural mineral silver, in a variety of forms, including colloidal silver, has nearly three decades worth of solid medical research behind it, demonstrating its powerful anti-viral qualities.

Indeed, newer research demonstrates that silver is so powerfully effective against viruses, it even stops the deadly HIV (i.e., the AIDs virus) from infecting human cells. And older research dating back to the 1980’s demonstrates that silver can stop numerous types of viruses from replicating, simply by bonding to them.

In fact, silver altogether decimates many viruses, simply by being in close contact with them.

Tiny Nano-Particles are the Key

Medical science has now demonstrated that tiny silver nano-particles are absolutely deadly against many forms of viral pathogens.

The key, as you’ll discover throughout this report, is in the size of the silver particles.

They must be very small silver micro-particles – i.e., what is more commonly known as “nanosilver” – in order to exhibit such powerful anti-viral qualities.

In this special report, you’ll discover some of the most convincing medical evidence demonstrating that nano-scale sized silver particles – which is to say, very small particles of silver measured in nanometers (nm) – are the single-most effective all-natural anti-viral substances on the face of the earth.

Colloidal Silver to the Rescue

What’s more, you’ll come to understand why colloidal silver – the popular nutritional supplement known as the world’s most powerful natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent – is very likely your #1 best bet for all-natural, non-drug protection against potentially deadly viral agents, too, as long as it contains tiny, nano-scale sized silver particles.

Finally, you’ll also learn the 7 critical steps you must take now in order to keep yourself and your family protected against viral infections of all kinds. And you’ll learn how to be fully prepared in case the global Swine Flu pandemic – or some other nasty mutant hybrid viral pathogen – rear its ugly head in your area.

But first, let’s start with the clear, factual growing body of medical evidence on behalf of the powerful antiviral qualities of safe, natural silver.

The Famous HIV Study

In June 2005, the prestigious journal Nanobiotechnology published a ten page study that rocked medical science.

The study was the result of seven scientists’ exploration into the virus inhibiting qualities of nanosilver – very tiny, invisible particles of silver measured in nanometers. (A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter, or one-ten thousandth of a hair’s breadth.)

What the study demonstrated is that these tiny nano-scale particles of silver were able to inhibit HIV-1 (i.e., the AIDS virus) from binding to host cells, in vitro.

What this means is that in the test tube, when the researchers placed the AIDS virus alongside human cells in a medium that would normally allow the virus to bind with the cell (and thus cause viral infection), the introduction of tiny nano-particles of silver into the medium prevented the binding from taking place.

In other words, the silver particles stopped the infection from taking place.

The study abstract reads as follows:


“The interaction of nanoparticles with biomolecules and microorganisms is an expanding field of research. Within this field, an area that has been largely unexplored is the interaction of metal nanoparticles with viruses.

In this work, we demonstrate that silver nanoparticles undergo a size-dependent interaction with HIV-1, with nanoparticles exclusively in the range of 1-10 nm attached to the virus.

The regular spatial arrangement of the attached nanoparticles, the center-to-center distance between nanoparticles, and the fact that the exposed sulfur-bearing residues of the glycoprotein knobs would be attractive sites for nanoparticle interaction suggest that silver nanoparticles interact with the HIV-1 virus via preferential binding to the gp120 glycoprotein knobs.

Due to this interaction, silver nanoparticles inhibit the virus from binding to host cells, as demonstrated in vitro.”

While silver’s well-known toxicity to a wide range of bacterial and fungal pathogens has been thoroughly documented in previous research by many leading research facilities, this study takes the previous research to a whole new level.

For the first time, the long-proven antimicrobial properties of silver nanoparticles were applied to a highly infectious form of virus with no known cure. And the interaction between the metallic particles, the virus and the cells were studied.

The scientists tested a variety of particle sizes. And they also tested the idea of coating the tiny silver particles with several different surface chemistries including a “foamy carbon matrix,” a polymer and a protein molecule. The goal was to determine if any of these substances would help stabilize the silver particles and aid the silver’s anticipated reaction with the virus.

What they discovered, however, is that only the ‘free surface’ silver nanoparticles in the range of 1 to 10 nanometers interacted with the HIV-1 cells.

Silver Nanoparticles Rule!

This basically means the silver needed no help from the other substances. In fact, anything added to the basic silver nanoparticle served only to prevent the metal’s interaction with the viral microorganism!

What’s more, according to the study, only the very smallest silver particles inactivated the virus’ ability to bond with the host cells. Larger particles did not.

Ultimately the study found that the tiny silver nanoparticles no larger than 10 nm were able to bond to the deadly viral microorganisms and prevented the virus from bonding with the host cell. No bonding to host cell, no viral infection!

Colloidal Silver Beats the Smallpox Virus

But HIV is not the only virus silver has been demonstrated to be effective against.

In a study published in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal back in September 1992, it was found that that several different preparations of colloidal silver showed amazing efficacy against the smallpox virus.

Two medical colloidal silver preparations were used, one called Collargol, and one called Protargol. The latter was apparently a diluted preparation.

The study showed a 700 times reduction in the concentration of viral particles when Protargol was applied, and a whopping 11,000 times reduction in viral particles when the more highly concentrated Collargol was applied.

Silver Inactivates Herpes Simplex Type I and II Viruses

Going back even further, a study conducted in 1972 at Department of Microbiology, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan demonstrated that the Herpes Simplex Virus types I and II were totally inactivated by low concentrations of silver nitrate, which is a more caustic, chemical form of silver.

According to the study, silver nitrate caused so much damage to the viruses, they simply could no longer cause infection.

EPA Approves Use of Colloidal Silver
Spray Disinfectant that Kills Viruses on Surfaces

Moving forward to recent years, even the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has now approved silver for certain antiviral purposes.

As reported by the Silver Institute (a group which keeps silver investors appraised of all of the new uses for silver in business and industry), the EPA has recently approved the use of a product called Axen30, a liquid spray disinfectant similar to colloidal silver, for use in child day-care centers, preschools, schools, gymnasiums and children's activity centers.

Axen30 is a dilute formula consisting of 30 ppm silver used as a spray disinfectant. But here's the interesting part:

The EPA-approved advertising claims for Axen30 include a 30-second kill time and a 24-hour residual kill time on standard indicator bacteria, a two-minute kill time on the resistant bacteria MRSE and VRE, a 10-minute kill time on fungi, a 30-second kill time on HIV Type I, and a 10-minute kill time on other viruses.

Now that’s amazing – a proven 30-second kill time against HIV (i.e., Human Immunodeficiency Virus, aka the AIDS virus), and a ten minute kill time against other viruses!

Silver Compound in Countertops Eliminates SARS Virus

One of the most feared viruses now being studied by scientists is the SARS coronavirus – a upper respiratory virus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome, leading to death in a large preponderance of cases.

It has been found that while SARS spreads through the usual routes, such as the airborne route caused by coughing and sneezing. But a large percentage of infections by this virus are caused when the virus simply lands on a countertop and sits there, awaiting someone to come by and touch that countertop, then touch the virus to their eyes, ears, nose or mouth.

Perstorp, a Swedish manufacturing company based in Italy, manufactures a special polymer from which countertops are made. What makes the Perstorp countertop unique is that extremely tiny nanosilver particles are impregnated into the polymer.

Upon human contact, the nanosilver-impregnated polymer begins emitting silver ions. This unique silver ion-emitting polymer was developed for use with products such as toilet seats, door knobs, and other common contact surfaces.

According to news reports, the compound was successfully tested by the Chinese Centre for Disease Control against SARS, which has a particular interest in public safety due to the numerous SARS virus outbreaks of the past few years in China.

Zhang Panhe, professor at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences in China, recently stated, “We tested the compound against a four-hour, eight-hour, and 24-hour exposure period and found no surviving SARS virus upon 24 hours of exposure to the polymer...”

In other words, when the polymer was purposely contaminated by the SARS virus, it began killing the virus within four hours, and had killed all SARS viruses on the surface within 24 hours.

This special silver-impregnated polymer is now in use in many hospitals, laboratories and medical research facilities throughout China.

What’s more, many variants of silver-impregnated polymers are being used in similar medical-related facilities around the world, in order to help stop the spread of potentially deadly bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens.

Monkeypox Virus Inhibited by Silver Nanoparticles

Even some of the most exotic viruses have been demonstrated to be sensitive to silver.

According to a study published in volume 3, number 4, April 2008 edition of Nanoscale Research Letters, very small silver particles (10 nm in size) significantly inhibited the infectivity of the Monkeypox virus.

The study was conducted in conjunction with the Applied Biotechnology Branch, Human Effectiveness Directorate of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

The study’s authors concluded, “These results demonstrate that silver-based nanoparticles of approximately 10 nm inhibit Monkey Pox Virus infection in vitro, supporting their potential use as an anti-viral therapeutic.”

According to, monkey pox virus is usually transmitted to humans from rodents, pets, and primates through contact with the animal's blood or through a bite. Its symptoms can be difficult to distinguish clinically from smallpox (to which it is closely related) and chickenpox (to which it is not related).

You may remember news headlines back in 2003 regarding an outbreak of monkey pox virus in the U.S. midwest, among owners of pet prairie dogs.

What this demonstrates is that very tiny micro-particles of silver, known as nanosilver, are even effective against exotic viruses such as those coming from animals! If that doesn’t put you in mind of the recent “Swine Flu” scare, in which the infectious agent was shown to be a hybrid of swine, bird and human viral parts, I don’t know what will.

Silver Prevents Replication of Hepatitis B Virus

In a recent study conducted by scientists at the University of Hong Kong, it was demonstrated in vitro (i.e., in the test tube) that very tiny silver particles have the ability to interact with viral DNA in such a way as to prevent replication, whether the virus was inside the host cells (i.e., inside human cells, where viruses would normally replicate) or outside the host cells.

This is especially important, because it implies that silver can not only prevent viruses from infecting cells, but can also stop cells that are already virally infected from spreading the infection.

According to a research abstract from the University of Hong Kong, the scientists examining the action of silver particles on the Hepatitis B virus “hypothesize that the direct interaction between these nanoparticles and HBV double-stranded DNA or viral particles is responsible for their antiviral mechanism.”

The scientists point out that this only demonstrates the effectiveness of very tiny silver particles against the HBV (i.e., hepatitis B virus), and not necessarily other viruses. Nevertheless, once again we have a study demonstrating conclusively that very tiny particles of silver have the ability to interfere with viruses, preventing them from interacting with human cells and causing infections.

According to a news article about this study, the researchers discovered that

“…ultra-tiny silver particles could reduce the extracellular DNA formation of HBVs by over 50 percent, and could check their intracellular RNA formation, too.

'Silver nano-particles have special properties such as larger active surface and porosity so that they can easily bind with small molecules,' China's XINHUA news agency quoted Lu as saying, referring to a hypothetical explanation they had put forward on the new antiviral mechanism.

'The finding provides a new direction for developing new anti-HBV drugs, with nano-particles used as drug carrier to enhance the antiviral efficacy while minimizing the undesirable side effects,' Lu told a press conference Monday.

The young researcher said there are currently only two kinds of drugs approved for treating chronic HBV infection, namely immunomodulators and nucleoside analogues. But their uses are affected by side effects and drug-resistant mutations.

Hepatitis B is one of the worst killers as it chronically infects over 400 million people worldwide, with certain developing countries and regions hit hardest.

Lu said silver nano-particles have an additional distinct advantage. It is unlikely that HBV can become resistant to silver nano-particles because the interaction is determined by the physiochemical properties of the tiny particles."

Is Colloidal Silver the “Final Solution” to the Coming Viral Plagues?

Finally, two highly respected researchers, Dr Eric Gordon, MD and Dr. Kent Holtorf, MD, writing in the prestigious Townsend Letter for Doctors, believe colloidal silver is the answer to many forms of viral infections, including serious upper respiratory viral infections such as flu pandemics.

They point out in their article titled A Promising Cure for Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Pandemics, Including the Avian Flu: Has the Final Solution to the Coming Plagues Been Discovered? that, “the collective authoritative medical literature has documented efficacy of silver's virotoxicity against over 24 viruses.”

What’s more, the authors state that the 200-plus viral strains known to cause upper respiratory tract infections, including most flu viruses, will also most likely succumb to the powerful antiviral qualities of very small particles of “oligodynamic silver" (i.e., a medical reference to silver being extremely powerful even in small quantities).

In fact, the authors point out that silver is likely going to be the answer to any future global viral pandemic, stating “A broad-spectrum anti-viral agent that really works is needed to combat over 200 viruses that cause Upper Respiratory Tract Infections. Undoubtedly oligodynamic silver fits this bill...Emerging medical studies confirm the stellar, broad-spectrum virotoxic efficacy of oligodynamic silver both in vitro and in vivo.”

Indeed, the authors state, not only has silver been demonstrated to decimate many of the viruses associated with deadly viral flu infections, but it has also been proven to decimate most of the well-known bacterial pathogens that cause serious secondary infections during a viral infection, including the following:

  • Streptococcus pneumonia
  • Corynebacterium diphtheriae
  • Neisseria gonorrhoeae
  • Klebsiella pneumoniae
  • Haemophilus influenzae
  • Bordetella pertussis
  • Mycobacterium (Tuberculosis)
  • Inflammatory conditions of the eyes, ears, nose, and throat
  • Spring Catarrh
  • Pneumococci
  • Pneumonia

It is these secondary bacterial infections that often kill the infected individual, once the flu virus has sufficiently weakened the body.

But colloidal silver’s powerful, broad-spectrum anti-pathogen qualities covers such a wide range of pathogens you can easily see why the report’s authors – both respected medical doctors – refer to it as “the Final Solution to the Coming Plagues.”

Experts Now Recommending Colloidal Silver
for Swine Flu and Other Viral Pathogens

In spite of an FDA crackdown on companies touting colloidal silver as a Swine Flu preventive and remedy, a number of high-profile medical researchers and related experts have been recommending colloidal silver as a first-line of defense against the Swine Flu and other viral pandemics.

These include Dr Eric Gordon, MD, Dr. Kent Holtorf, MD, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, DO, Major General Albert "Bert" N. Stubblebine III (former commanding general of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command), Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, Dr Rebecca Carley (the vaccine expert) and many others.

Even Pravda, the top newspaper in Russia, recently recommended colloidal silver for the Swine Flu, stating:

“The best defense against swine flu, or any flu, is the age old remedy of colloidal silver. The metal silver in its colloidal state can be safely consumed and used in the body. Bacteria and viruses cannot develop resistance to colloidal silver. Silver disables a vital enzyme and mechanism in all bacteria and pathogens so that they cannot survive. It is good to take a few teaspoons of colloidal silver daily to maintain health. More colloidal silver should be taken if experiencing illness.”

Dr. Gordon Pedersen Recommends Colloidal Silver

Dr. Gordon Pedersen, Ph.D., an expert in toxicology and virology who writes for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and is Director of the Institute of Alternative Medicine, has recently joined the ranks of those advocating for colloidal silver usage in the face of coming viral pandemics.

In his new article, “Swine Flu Influenza Type A/H1N1 Protection for Health Care Practitioners and Their Patients,” published in the Anti-Aging News Journal, he repeatedly recommends silver to stop not only the hybrid virus itself, but also the secondary bacterial infections that cause diseases such as pneumonia, which set in after the body has been weakened by the virus.

(As noted earlier, it is often the secondary bacterial infections that seriously disable or even kill the patient, rather than the virus itself which often only weakens the patient allowing other more opportunistic pathogens to move in and take hold.)

Here is a brief example of what Dr. Pedersen has to say about using Silver Sol (a colloidal silver solution) against the Swine Flu and other Influenza type A viruses, as well as the secondary infections that accompany them:

“Influenza viruses are the respiratory viruses of greatest public health importance, particularly Influenza A. Every year 36,000 people die from Influenza making it the 6th leading cause of death in America…

…Silver Sol provides proven prevention and treatment against viral and bacterial infections, while there is nothing else with such broad spectrum benefits. In addition, Silver Sol can be safely taken every day for prevention where it has been shown to provide protection against the very dangerous Bird flu H5N1…”

The Nano-Particle Difference:
Good News and Bad News

As you’ve seen throughout this report, silver is without a doubt one of the single-greatest natural antiviral agents on the face of the earth. And its broad-spectrum antibacterial qualities are indisputable.

However, the size of the silver particles is one of the most important factors in the ability of silver to disable, or even decimate, such a broad spectrum of viruses.

Indeed, most of these studies have demonstrated one simple fact: the smaller the silver particles are, the better they work, with silver particles of 10 nanometers (nm) or less in size being the most effective against viruses.

The truly good news is that colloidal silver products containing silver particles of that size – known as micro-particle silver, or nanosilver, for short – are readily available in health food stores and through online vendors.

However, the bad news is that these products are frequently very costly, due to the uniquely small characteristics of the silver particles they contain when compared to conventional brands of colloidal.

In fact, a tiny four-ounce bottle of true nanosilver can cost as much as $25 to $35 depending upon the brand, and the size and quality of the silver particles it contains.

The problem is this: four ounces is only about enough colloidal silver for three or four days worth of treatment for a single person with a severe viral infection – not nearly enough should a serious viral assault strike home. After three or four days, you’d have to get another costly bottle, and perhaps another, and another, depending upon the size of your family and the number of people infected.

Meanwhile, in a pandemic situation, everybody else will be making a mad dash to their nearest health food store for nanosilver, also. And within days, shelves will easily be stripped bare. So even if you can afford it, you might not be able to get enough nano-scale colloidal silver to do yourself and your family any good.

Big Pharma Threatens NanoSilver

What’s more, in less than a few short months, commercial colloidal silver products containing silver nano-particles may not even be available for over-the-counter sale any longer.

That’s because, earlier this year a broad coalition of environmentalist groups funded by major drug companies declared that nanosilver is a “threat to the environment,” ostensibly because it has the potential to kill microorganisms they claim could be “ecologically important.”

What’s more, these groups – including Friends of the Earth and the International Center for Technology Assessment – petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban the sale of nanosilver products and regulate them as “pesticides,” requiring stringent safety testing and costly environmental impact reports before any nanosilver product could be put back onto the market.

This of course, would have the effect of taking just about every commercial colloidal silver product off the market forever, since few companies could afford the expensive environmental impact reports costing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

These drug company-funded environmental groups specifically targeted numerous brands of colloidal silver, demonstrating in essence that they were acting at the behest of Big Pharma which wants nothing more than total control over the treatment of viral pandemics such as the Swine Flu and others (think vaccines, and drugs such as Tamiflu).

When this was discovered, we were the very first to sound the alarm in the natural health community, and thousands of dedicated colloidal silver users rallied against the petition, swamping the EPA public comments systems with pro-nanosilver comments.

Unfortunately, the well-funded environmental groups used outright lies and dirty tricks to overwhelm the EPA public comments system with anti-nanosilver comments from their worldwide membership bases.

Interestingly enough, the big drug companies helping fund the environmental groups that are pressing this campaign to force the EPA to ban nanosilver products are among some of the very same drug companies developing new vaccines and drugs against the various pandemics they claim are coming!

The bottom line is that very soon now the EPA plans to announce their decision regarding whether or not to adopt the petition to regulate nanosilver products – including nano-scale colloidal silver. Depending upon which way their decision goes, you simply may not be able to obtain colloidal silver products containing the needed nano-scale silver particles at any price, any where.

Thankfully, there is a foolproof solution you can take advantage of, if you can see the handwriting on the wall, and have the courage and foresight to act quickly and decisively.

A Powerful Solution Worth Taking Advantage Of

You see, there is now a way to make your own high-quality nano-scale colloidal silver – also known as micro-particle colloidal silver – for only a few pennies per quart, using a brand new breakthrough in colloidal silver-making technology called the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from

Yes, you read that right. You can actually make your own high quality nanosilver colloidal silver, one quart batch at a time, for only about 36 cents per quart batch.

Indeed, independent laboratory testing demonstrates that with a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator you can make silver particles as low as .0008 microns, which is just .8 nanometers (nm). That’s a fraction of a single nanometer in size!

Saving Lives

Thanks to the advent of the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from, there’s no longer any need to worry about running out of nano-particle colloidal silver and not having enough to go around during a deadly viral crisis. And there’s no reason to worry about store shelves being stripped bare of nanosilver during a true pandemic. Finally, there’s no longer any need to worry about the EPA banning the sale of colloidal silver products containing nano-scale silver.

That’s because, with a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from in your corner, you’ll literally own the means of nano-scale colloidal silver production.

Therefore, you can make all of the safe, completely natural, high-quality nano-scale colloidal silver you’ll ever need, any time you need it, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, a full one-quart batch at a time.

Indeed, you can make each one-quart batch of safe, absolutely pure, high-quality nanosilver for about the cost of the loose change you’d normally find under a couch cushion. And, as the video at this link demonstrates, it’s as easy to do as brewing a pot of coffee.

Having the means of nano-scale colloidal silver production at your fingertips puts you firmly in the driver’s seat, and gives your family a solid added layer of protection against infectious disease in this age of mutating pathogens and hybrid viral outbreaks in which we now live.

Best yet, the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator is the only colloidal silver generator on the market today that produces such uncommonly small silver particles, giving you the nanosilver advantage literally for the rest of your life.

Be Ready to Take Care of Yourself and Your Family

In the event of another viral pandemic (and you’d better believe they have one planned), you really have only two choices: Depend upon the government, or be prepared to take care of yourself and your family.

In Mexico City, where the early 2009 pandemic started, the government health care system basically collapsed overnight. In part this was because they simply weren’t prepared for such a rapid viral onslaught with so many casualties in such a short period of time, and in part this was because a lot of doctors simply packed their bags and left town after so many people started dying.

That’s why you saw numerous photos of Mexican policemen handing out surgical face masks to passing motorists. It was pretty much the only recourse the Mexican government had left, next to closing down the city’s businesses and public buildings.

Would it be any different if it happened here in the U.S.? My advice is this: Don’t wait to find out.

Being able to make all of the high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver you could ever need for about 36 cents a quart will give you a powerful sense of self-reliance and peace of mind, knowing that if medical authorities here in the U.S. ever lose control during a national or global health crisis, as recently happened in Mexico, you’ll be ready and able to take care of your family.

To get a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator today, simply click the link and order online.

Or you can call our good friends at The Silver Edge toll-free, 1-888-528-0559 and order anytime, Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm Arizona time.

In Conclusion…

I began this special report by stating, “The recent outbreak of the strange new so-called ‘Swine Flu’ has just about everybody in the natural health community asking the same two questions, i.e., What’s the single-most powerful all-natural anti-viral substance in existence, and where can I get some?”

Hopefully, this report has answered those two vital questions for you. Owning the means of nano-scale colloidal silver production is probably the #1 smartest thing you can do right now.

And being able to produce true nano-scale colloidal silver – quickly and easily, any time you need it, in the comfort and privacy of your own home – is without a doubt the single-most important ability you can have for the protection of yourself and your family, as well as your friends and loved ones.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that medical research clearly demonstrates the fact that very small nano-scale particles of silver are the single-most effective all-natural anti-viral substance on the face of the earth.

And considering the alternatives (i.e., ineffective Tamiflu and potentially dangerous and untested vaccines), it may well be your only hope for achieving maximum personal and family protection in this age of strange and potentially deadly diseases in which we now live.

So if you haven’t done so already, make sure you act quickly and decisively and order a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator today, from our good friends at

Waiting until the last minute is never a good choice, as you well know. The EPA has even been making noises about banning colloidal silver generators, too (see The Coming Ban on Colloidal Silver Generators). So there is simply no telling how long these phenomenal little devices will still be legally available.

The big drug companies simply want no competition whatsoever for their dangerous vaccines and worthless anti-viral drugs. And without a doubt in my mind, colloidal silver represents the single-greatest threat to their multi-billion dollar annual monopoly on these drugs and vaccines. That’s why the powers that be are pulling out all stops in order to have access to nanosilver removed from the market.

In short, the sooner you own the means of colloidal silver production, the sooner you’ll be in the driver’s seat, and won’t have to worry about finding an effective natural means to help your family and friends during a major health crisis.

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These sturdy generators are made of the highest quality materials and electronics, and have literally been built to last for a lifetime.

Unlike the cheap little "throwaway" generators and "mudmakers" offered by other companies, the electronic components in these generators are rated for at least 10,000 hours at peak load. And since the units utilize far less than 1/10th of peak load to make colloidal silver, they should last for well over 100,000 hours! In other words you'll probably end up willing your new generator to your children or grandchildren someday.

To order online right now from our good friends at The Silver Edge, simply click here. Or call them toll-free: 1-888-528-0559 (Mon-Fri, 8 am to 5 pm, Arizona time).

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

9.0 Earthquake and Tsunami Devestate Japan

9.0 earthquake shakes the east coast of Japan, centered off the coast of Sendai, resulting in a multitude of small aftershocks and a multitude of deadly tsunamis that completely wipe out entire villages and destroy a large section of cities like Sendai.

This is such a painful tragedy for Japan at this time, as well as for me because I used to live in Sendai. Sendai was my home for about a year while I was a missionary in 1996-1997.

The video below is heartbreaking to watch.


1. The first and most important thing you can do at this time is to PRAY for Japan while it goes through the painful awakening to what has happened, to pray for the nuclear plant meltdowns to be contained, to pray for their leaders to tell the truth and to take every initiative to help the people who have lost so much, and to pray for people's hearts to be turned towards God and away from all of the worldly distractions of this age.

2. Do some research to find out how and where you can donate funds to help the victims of this tragedy. Use wisdom and discernment.

3. Learn the lesson that we must all prepare for sudden events like this NOW. This involves being spiritually prepared by living your life deliberately and by reorganizing your priorities. This also involves being serious to prepare for emergency disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc. Of course, preparation includes stocking up on plenty of water and food, medical supplies, and other key resources such as water purification systems, canned goods, batteries, first aid kits, etc. Also, have a pre-arranged emergency plan to follow with your family members.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Calling all Christian Parents to Educate their Children God's Way

I'm launching a new BLOG on Christian education, homeschooling, and the dangers of public schooling.

Please take a few minutes and check it out:

God bless you!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hurricane Season - Emergency Disaster Preparedness Survival Food Nutrition Dehydrated Meal MRE Pack Supplies Kit


With Hurricane Gustav now passed,
America is facing two more huge storms,
Tropical Storm Hanna and Hurricane Ike.

This year will demonstrate whether or not
America learned her lesson from Hurricane Katrina
several years ago.

Whenever I hear of an approaching tropical storm or hurricane,
the first thing that comes to my mind is the word "PREPARATION."


Have people learned the lessons that Hurricane Katrina tried to teach us?

Have people learned to take action and forethought and actually prepare
ahead of time for approaching storms and hurricanes?

I guess we'll find out over the next few days and weeks as hurricane season
comes roaring back to America in full force.

I encourage you to do all that you can do NOW to PREPARE for these and
other coming storms.

One of the first and most important things you can do is to store up NUTRITIOUS SURVIVAL FOOD ahead of time.
One of the best kinds of foods that you can store up is
DEHYDRATED FOOD with a long shelf-life and high nutritional value.

However, you must be warned. Most of the survival food that is being sold
is NOT very nutritious at all. Most of it is made up of highly processed food
that lacks any nutritional integrity. In other words, it has enough calories
and carbohydrates to keep you alive during a disaster, but most of it
does NOT provide your body with the REAL nutrition it needs to function
at its peak, to give you the energy you need, and to keep your immune system
functioning at it's best to protect you from sickness, disease, stress, etc.

I strongly recommend that you find a live whole food based nutritional product
that is in a dehydrated powdered form that locks in the nutrition until it is
mixed with water and consumed. This is simply the very best kind of
disaster nutrition or survival food that your body really needs during times
of extreme crisis and disaster.

My personal favorite choice of a live whole food nutritional product is
called "The FEAST," and is made by Uri International.
Uri has a whole line of dehydrated concentrated juice powders
that are loaded with the most powerful nutrition on the planet.

Whether you buy some of these Uri products or some other whole food products,
the most important thing is that you take action NOW
and PREPARE for the coming natural disasters such as these
tropical storms and hurricanes.

Below is the latest News Information from MSNBC News Services

"WILMINGTON, N.C. - Some Southeastern states declared emergencies and officials urged residents to head inland Thursday as Tropical Storm Hanna headed toward the U.S. Atlantic coast, where it could bring high winds and rain from South Carolina all the way to Maine. Meanwhile, disaster planners cast a wary eye to a ferocious-looking Hurricane Ike strengthening in the Atlantic. And with power outages and other problems from Hurricane Gustav still lingering in Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other relief groups could soon find themselves juggling fallout from three storms.

Rain and wind from Hanna could start as early as Friday night in the South, where some residents shuttered houses and stocked up on food and sandbags, coastal parks closed and schools canceled events and changed sports schedules.

Hanna's maximum sustained winds were 65 mph, but forecasters said it could become a hurricane before hitting the U.S. At 8 p.m. EDT, its center was about 580 miles south-southeast of Wilmington and moving northwest at 14 mph."


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Josiah Friberg,

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

5.4 Earthquake Hits CA - Emergency Disaster Preparedness Survival Food Nutrition Dehydrated Meal MRE Pack Supplies Kit


This earthquake struck near Chino Hills, southeast of Los Angeles.

It was felt as far away as San Diego and Las Vegas.

Below is the link to this breaking story from Fox News.,2933,393781,00.html

I have precious family and friends living in southern California.

Whenever I hear of a strong earthquake hitting such a densely populated metropolitan area, I always fear that too many people are NOT PREPARED to survive and overcome the devestation that such disasters can bring. I pray that this one did not, but I also pray that more and more people would take serious precautions and start NOW preparing for what is sure to come in a much bigger and more tragic size.

NOW is the time to prepare for disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes,fires, etc.


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Our Motto: "Be Prepared to Survive and Overcome Disasters"

Josiah Friberg,

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Earthquake Preparedness - Emergency Disaster Preparedness Survival Food Nutrition Dehydrated Meal MRE Pack Supplies Kit


Dear friends,

After watching what just happened in China with
a large earthquake and tens of thousands of deaths
and casualties,
we need to pay attention to the signs of the times.

These things are warnings to us,
to people everywhere,

Are you prepared to survive a massive earthquake in your home town?

Are you ready to help your neighbors who aren't going to be prepared?

Have you taken practical steps to prepare to
not only survive a massive earthquake or other natural disaster,
but actually overcome and help others overcome through it all?

Below is an article that just came out on

I see it as a warning to everyone to get prepared now.
Don't put it off any longer.

Now is the time to have emergency supplies ready and on hand
for such a time as this.

Now is the time to store up some disaster nutrition and food
that will provide you with health and strength through trying times.

Now is the time to have a plan put in place regarding what you
and your family will do when the next massive disaster strikes.

Click below to read the article:

Scientists: Massive Earthquake Would Devastate Southern California

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Our Motto: "Be Prepared to Survive and Overcome Disasters"

Josiah Friberg,

Friday, April 18, 2008

Watch the Future of Food - Emergency Disaster Preparedness Survival Food Nutrition Dehydrated Meal MRE Pack Supplies

in AMERICA and in the World

This is a shocking eye-opening video expose
of the true condition of America's food supply
at this critical time in our history.

Do you know what's happening to our food supply?

Are you aware that
what is being done to our food supply
will affect you and your health and the
healthy of your family?

Do you know what you can do
to protect yourself and the health of your family?

For the sake of your children,
take the time to watch this true video message
about America's food supply.


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Our Motto: "Be Prepared to Survive and Overcome Disasters"

Josiah Friberg,